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SGP stands for Sustainable Growth and Profit, which is something Linley Baxter and Katarina Nave know a few things about.

Originally working together in the utilities industry – Linley as CEO and Katarina as General Manager Operations and Strategy – this dynamic pair have a long and proven history of helping businesses thrive.

Under their leadership, the company where they first worked together grew from a $9 million family enterprise to become a $90+ million company before being sold in 2015 to Spotless Group.

With their mission accomplished, the pair parted ways to pursue new professional and personal ventures. Linley had begun to apply his vast corporate experience to the world of business consulting, whilst Katarina was welcoming her second child into the world.

Linley saw a gap in the market for quality coaching that delivered more than the short-term solutions being offered by most business consultants.

His vision was to develop a sustainable, long-term solution to guide businesses through every step of the growth process – from initial needs assessment through to implementation and beyond.

In March 2015, Linley and Katarina realised they shared a passion to help business owners reach their full potential. They knew they could take their extensive knowledge and help others and that’s how SGP Consulting was born.

Today, SGP Consulting helps businesses of all sizes grow, prosper and profit.

With over 50 years’ combined experience in corporate leadership, together with proven strategies and a personal approach, SGP is raising the bar for business. Between them, they have every business covered.



Linley and Katarina share a passion for coaching, leading and helping others, but they’re not your typical business partners. In fact, some might say they’re an unlikely pair.


While both have worked with multi-million dollar companies, implementing powerful growth strategies, their partnership is the kind you don’t see every day in business.

Linley is a driven senior executive who thrives on overcoming major challenges, achieving market domination and helping companies restructure.

Katarina is a down-to-earth leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, who’s passionate about continuous improvement and helping businesses dream big.

However, it’s their unique skills, style and experience that makes this a perfect fit.

Having been a leader in businesses large and small, private and public, I am passionate about showing others how to achieve enduing, profitable, double digit growth.


Business Consultant & Coach

Hi, I’m Linley – Principal Consultant and strategy specialist at SGP Consulting. Having seen what works and importantly what does not work in business, I continue to build my understanding of business and my capability to help business leaders. I am passionate about cutting through to simplify the complex and help establish real and effective direction. I work within a strategic framework which in order considers structure, removes waste and instils belief in your business.

I continually observe the world of business and enterprise and present best practice, not just from your own industry, but worlds best practice from any industry. I specialise in interpreting the macro environments impact on your business. I use simple tools such as ‘One Page Plans’ and above all I stay the course to see strategies embedded into your business.

Business Consultant & Coach

Hi, I’m Katarina – Principal Consultant and business growth specialist at SGP Consulting. For the past 17 years, I’ve worked with multi-million-dollar companies implementing high-performance growth and improvement strategies. I’ve learnt the systems, processes and principles that help big businesses become bigger – now I’m helping business owners to do the same.

I work with clients across all industries including coaches, creatives, corporates and entrepreneurs.

Unlike some business coaches who make grand plans and big promises, I believe small steps lead to huge change. I understand how busy life is as a business owner. That’s why my methods for achieving sustainable growth are simple, actionable and designed for long-term success.

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