Our Services

SGP offer a range of personalised services and solutions. 

We don’t offer band-aid fixes or a one-size-fits-all approach.  Instead, we provide a customised, collaborative experience, with ongoing support and accountability, allowing you to embed strategies into your business and enjoy continuous growth, year after year.

Together, we will achieve remarkable things for you and your business; remember, the sky’s the limit for your success.


Business Improvement 

We help your business identify and resolve complex challenges

  • SGP helps you assess your business, determine what you want to achieve and make that a reality
  • By facilitating highly participative processes, SGP works with you to develop strategic and business plans by;
    • Getting the structure right – evaluating your customers, products, operational costs and people
    • Eliminating waste from your business – removing obstacles
    • Creating a positive environment for your people – the greatest leverage in your business
  • By getting the structure right and removing the waste, your business is ready for amazing opportunities
Change Management 

We help transform your business to achieve remarkable things

  • Businesses are engaged almost constantly in the process of change
    • The SGP Change Assessment Tool assists in navigating through the complexities associated with change
    • 70% of change in business fails if these complexities are not addressed
  • At SGP, we understand that business results are realised through engaged people who work within effective and aligned teams
    • We understand the role of people in successful change efforts and how teams collaborate effectively through employee ownership and engagement
    • We revitalise teams, applying 8 week cycles, to successfully achieve benefits that have a lasting impact
Marketing and Sales 

We help develop a clearly defined marketing strategy and sales process that will maximise your business performance

  • SGP helps you assess your current marketing activities and works with you to develop a one-page marketing plan
  • SGP introduces a contemporary sales process focused on training a cross section of your employees
    • Sales training is where your people learn to become trusted advisors, by aligning your customer needs with your product solutions

We help you develop the capabilities of individuals and teams

  • Business success involves continuous learning and development of your people, as they are the critical enablers of your strategy
  • SGP specialise in contemporary training using tailored, blended and individual learning
    • Tailored - customised to your business plan, driving accountability
    • Blended - a mix of face-to-face workshops and online assessed training supported by videos and worksheets
    • Individual - user focused, supporting individual pace with coaching as required
Project Management 

Our consultants add expertise and experience to your business

  • SGP have the skills to help achieve your project goals and outcomes
    • We have the discipline of planning, organising, controlling, managing and motivating resources
  • We offer short or long term solutions, based on your individual business needs
    • Our consultants are able to adapt to each new environment quickly and effectively

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