BLOG – Are you EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATING what you are selling?

It is extremely important that you CLEARLY define what it is that your business sells – i.e. what is your core service?

YOU probably understand what it is that you sell, however ask yourself:

  • Are you communicating it effectively to your audience?
  • Do your ideal customers really know what it is that you sell?
  • Does your target market connect with what you are saying?
  • Do your potential customers truly understand what options they have in working with you?
  • Are you assuming that people know what you do – because they’ve worked with you before!!!

I have come across many small business owners who THINK they know what services they offer, however aren’t clearly selling these services to their target market – in fact, they’re confusing their potential customers!

As we all know, products are quite visual, so it’s a lot simpler to sell – i.e. you post images of clothing on socials, so we know you sell clothes!  With a service-based business however, you need to clearly and instantly describe what are the key services you offer – and ensure this is truly what you stand for!

As soon as a potential client looks at your website, checks out your socials or even better, talks to you face-to-face about “what you do!” – you need to have a very clear answer that is completely aligned across all your marketing.

Often, when your services are not clear, you end up trying to do everything PLUS more for everyone – which is a sure road to ruin.  In fact, you run the risk of not doing very much at all, because your potential customers don’t really know what you do – but more importantly don’t know what you can do for them – to solve their problems!

So, I ask you to think about:

  • What are you truly an expert in and what are you passionate about?
  • What do you want to become known for – the person that does everything but is not actually an expert in anything!
  • Would you personally buy from someone whose sales pitch is not very clear?

In fact, why not try this exercise with a business buddy who may not know too much about your business:

  • Write down what it is that you do in your business – without referring to any website or marketing material – write down what comes straight to your mind!
  • Now in words, share and explain this with your business buddy – what you do, for who etc etc.
  • Each person is to write down what the other person has explained to them – based on what they are hearing.
  • Compare notes and determine how accurate the description is of your business.

Let me guess, it’s not exactly what you’d like to be known for!  It doesn’t actually sell your core services!

Well, now’s the time to get this right…

If you’d like to learn more on just how to do this – Get in Touch.

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